The first Managed Access Agreement (MAA) of its kind was established to provide individuals with Morquio A (MPS IVA) access to enzyme replacement therapy in England.


Since the establishment of the MAA in December 2015, MPS Commercial has been responsible for collecting the patient reported outcome data from patients and reporting the outcomes to clinicians, NHS England, NICE and the Market Authorisation Holder.


We pride ourselves on the quality, accuracy and completeness of the data collected. This is achieved through the establishment of an in-house team who conduct patient interviews to our defined and consistent methodology.


Our experience in meeting the unique demands of an MAA means that we are able to offer our services in support of future MAAs for rare diseases. 

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Vimizim MAA - Patient guidebook 

We are pleased to announce that our guide for the Managed Access Agreement for Vimizim treatment is now available. Download your copy below.

Established relationships with NICE, NHS England and expert clinical centres.

What we can Provide:

Advice on the collection of patient reported outcomes including quality of life (QoL) data.

Experienced in-house staff to conduct patient interviews, including home visits where necessary.


Provision of translators and interpreters for non-English speaking patients

and their families.

Secure systems for recording and reporting data.

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